Downloading, Installation, and Usage

To download:

Download the .zip file of the latest version of the exporter from

Download the latest version of Corona Standalone here from and redistributables / other relevant files from here.

Installation and Usage:

  1. Extract Corona Standalone to your hard drive.
  2. From the .zip file of the exporter, extract the contained folder named “render_corona”.
  3. Put the “render_corona” folder into your <blender installation directory>/bin/2.69/scripts/addons directory.
  4. Enable the addon from the preferences panel, under the “Render” category
  5. In the preferences panel, set the path to the Corona Standalone directory containing the Corona executable.
  6. Select “Corona” from the render engine dropdown.

  7. Set the project export path in the Corona Render panel in the Render tab

  8. You're all set!

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