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Corona for Cinema 4D is a plugin for Cinema 4D integrating Corona renderer. Current supported C4D versions are R14, R15, and R16. Version R13 might work, but hasn't been tested.



  • Unbiased/consistent rendering with path tracing, light tracing, bidirectional path tracing
  • Progressive, Bucket and Bidir/VCM rendering modes


  • Perspective and orthogonal projection
  • Camera / Object motion blur (no deformation yet)
  • DOF and bokeh

Corona material

  • Diffuse, translucency, reflection, refraction, bumpmapping, displacement, emission
  • Full material preview
  • Basic preview in viewport
  • Rounded corners
  • Support for all 2D shaders (including plugin shaders)
  • Mix modes

Cinema 4D material

  • Only basic support

Sky / Environment

  • Physical sky (Hosek and Rawafake models)
  • Cinema4D Sky textures supported (including HDRI textures)
  • Physically correct sun


  • Corona light (basic area lights, sphere, cylinder, cube)
  • Experimental support for native C4D lights
  • Viewport integration


  • Object instancing


  • Cinema 4D native materials are not fully supported.
  • Object motion blur works only with translation/rotation/scale, support for geometry deformation blur is yet to be added.
  • Motion blur does not render in viewport, you must render to Picture viewer.

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