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-====== System requirements ====== 
-===== Hardware ===== 
-  * x64 CPU (any CPU manufactured in 2004 and later) 
-  * About 22 MB disk space 
-===== Software ===== 
-  * x64 operating system, Windows Vista or newer 
-  * 3ds max 2011 - 2015 
-====== Installation ====== 
-Corona installs with a simple installer. You can download it at the Corona forum after registering here: http://corona-renderer.com/forum/index.php/board,8.0.html. Just run it and select which 3ds max versions you want Corona installed into. All 3ds max installations should be automatically detected and offered: 
-  * If you prefer copying files manually without installer, choose "Just unpack" on the version selection screen, and the binaries will be copied to user-specified directory. From there you can copy them over to your machines. 
-  * To **install distributed rendering slave**, check "DR Server" in addition to the regular 3ds max version of Corona. A small utility, DrServer.exe, will be installed to the specified directory. Run it to turn the computer into rendering slave. 
-====== Uninstallation ====== 
-Stable builds of Corona do not write anything to the system registry, system folders, and do not leave any other trace on your computer. You can simply uninstall Corona by deleting the binaries with "Corona" in their name inside your 3ds max folder and deleting its working folder. This folder is named "Corona" and is created in the 3ds max plugin working directory, usually located in C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/Autodesk/[3dsmax version]/en-US/plugcfg. Exported scenes, configuration, and corona log is written here. You can safely delete the folder at any time. 
-The A6 installer comes with an option to clean up previous versions of Corona. Note that this operation only cleans old, unused files, and **does not have any effect on A6 functionality**. You CANNOT solve any problem with A6 by checking this option. Its only effect is clearing about 10 - 15 MB of disk space if previous versions were installed. 
-====== Troubleshooting ====== 
-===== The installer says "Your system does not meet the minimal requirements" ===== 
-Unfortunately your operating system cannot run Corona. **You need to have at least Windows Vista x64 or newer** (Windows XP, XP 64bit, or 32bit Windows Vista/7 are NOT supported). If you want to use Corona, you need to upgrade your operating system. 
-===== The installer says my CPU does not support SSE4.1 ===== 
-You have an older model of CPU that does not support all instructions Corona uses. You can still use a legacy build, which the installer will automatically install. It offers the same features and is fully compatible with the regular build, only it is a bit slower. 
-===== The installer says there were errors during the install ===== 
-You will see a list of files that could not be copied. This can be for several reasons: 
-  * Your 3dsmax process is running - **you need to close all 3dsmax instances before install** 
-  * You are trying to install Corona in nonexisting directory 
-  * You are trying to install Corona into protected directory and UAC is on - **try running the installer as administrator** (right click -> "Run as administrator") 
-===== I get "Error code -1073741795 - (null)" or similar error message when starting 3dsmax ===== 
-The message looks similar to this: 
-It is caused by using Corona A6 with new CPUs (e.g. i7-3xxx or i7-4xxx). Corona uses the latest AVX2 instructions with these processors, but there was a bug in the Windows Core causing it to crash. The bug was subsequently fixed in Windows Update, so you can fix the problem just by installing the latest Windows updates. If you were not installing updates previously, you will need to install all available updates, restart the computer, and repeat the cycle several times. Each time after restart, you will see new updates. 
-===== 3dsmax crashes on startup after installation/Error code 0xE06D7363===== 
-There was an error in Corona A6 causing this error message when 3dsmax process CPU affinity was set manually. Try running 3dsmax directly without limiting its CPU affinity, or ask for a fixed build. 

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